His bed of choice is a remarkable piece of custom Swedish craftsmanship made by a company called Hästens. Each one takes some 160 hours to produce and is signed by a master bed-maker who lays out the most perfect matrix of horsehair, cotton, flax, and wool. Price after custom framing: $103,000. Kim has three such beds in his New Zealand mansion, one of which faces a series of monitors and hard drives and piles of wires and is flanked on either side by lamps that look like, and may well be, chromed AK-47.
From the new Wired cover story on Kim Dotcomm. Clearly, these are exciting times for the makers of oversize luxury beds.

From Parquet Courts’ awesome Light Up Gold album, which I have not stopped playing for three days straight. You can buy it here.

One of my favorite of movies of this year—though it won’t be released until next year—is Rodney Ascher’s ROOM 237, a documentary that compiles several far-flung (but very compelling!) theories about the secret meaning of Kubrick’s THE SHINING. A few years ago, Ascher made a similarly affectionate/goofy short doc called THE S FROM HELL, which focuses on how a single production-company logo traumatized several impressionable TV watchers in the ’70s. THE S FROM HELL is up on Vimeo; extra points to Ascher for using footage from HALLOWEEN III, easily on my list of the all-time shitty-but-good-but-actually-mostly-shitty horror films from the ’80s.

Mr. Sandler attempted to ease any discomfort during filming by encouraging his co-stars to gather outside his trailer at an area furnished with tables and lawn chairs, where they would smoke cigars and talk shop during breaks. Inevitably, some heated debates about Mideast politics occurred during these conversations.
Dave Itzkoff’s fascinating and thoroughly reported Times piece on the making of the new Sandler movie, which is secretly a comedy about continuing Arab-Israeli tensions.

This is how I’ve been feeling the last two weeks. If I could put all of my pals in one room—and if that room had a chroma key effect—this is what I’d say.

The new Impossible Shapes album, free at eMusic.

The new Impossible Shapes album, free at eMusic.

I believe in Harvey Dent John McCain. I believe in Harvey Dent John McCain.
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